HEALTH - Energy and Resource Efficiency in Healthcare

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HEALTH – Transnational Information Platform - Energy and Resource Efficiency in Healthcare
2009 - 2013
Ressourcen Management Agentur (RMA)
Unterstützt durch: 
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ)
Hietzing Hospital
Rudolfstiftung Hospital
Sociomedical Centre Baumgartner Höhe Otto-Wagner Hospital

Project goal

Competence development and promotion of cooperation among the hospitals in the cooperation region through experience exchange, benchmarking and benchlearning, training and know-how transfer. Modul „Energy“ concentrates on the potential con-tribution of the hospitals to reducing the CO2 emissions through energy saving without affected quality of the medical care, as well as on identifying the options and their limits for energy saving.