Energie- und Ressourcenmanagement

ILMA - Analyse, Bewertung und Optimierung der Masseflüsse von Lebensmitteln u. Lebensmittelabfällen in der lebensmittelverarbeiteten Industrie

BMLFUW, Martina Siebenhandl, Weichkäseherstellung

Konsumverhalten und Mangel an Kommunikation in der Versorgungskette sind gemäß FAO die wichtigsten Ursachen für die Entstehung von Lebensmittelabfällen in den Industrieländern. Das Wegwerfen von Lebensmittelabfällen ist aus ethischen und Ressourcengründen nicht sinnvoll. Das Projekt ILMA leistet einen Beitrag zur Abfallvermeidung, zur Optimierung der Verwertung der während der Lebensmittelverarbeitung anfallenden Lebensmittelabfälle und somit zur Ressourcenschonung.

wohngesund (NABAU II)

Cover Fibel Nabau 2012

Project goal

The goal is the revision of the "naubau Fibel" published in 2006. The Fibel from 2006 has been updated and new parts, like the "klima:aktiv Gebäudestandard" have been added. In addition an extensive picture research has been carried out. Many pictures of best practice projects have been provided by Carinthian building experts. The Layout has been made by "Prosign Klaus Hadler".



HEALTH - Energy and Resource Efficiency in Healthcare

Logo HEALTH wrapped

Project goal

Competence development and promotion of cooperation among the hospitals in the cooperation region through experience exchange, benchmarking and benchlearning, training and know-how transfer. Modul „Energy“ concentrates on the potential con-tribution of the hospitals to reducing the CO2 emissions through energy saving without affected quality of the medical care, as well as on identifying the options and their limits for energy saving.

Nako-St. Leonhard - Consulting in construction ecology and chemicals management

VS St Leo.jpg

Project goal

The goal is to provide construction ecological consulting services and arrange the implementation of a chemicals management for the rennovation of the Primary School and the construction of a kindergarden in St. Leonhard near Siebenbrünn.

Watch a Video about the project here.

EnBA - Concept for the sustainable use of construction waste


Project goal

The EnBa project aims at identifying the risks and potentials which construction waste may involve. Furthermore the project will show the logistical and technical options as well as the basic conditions, that are necessary to increase the recycling and reduce the amount of disposed waste.

Akku 4 Future - 2nd life

Logo Akku4Future

Goals of the project are:

1. In the part "recycling - refreshing - 2nd life of old storage batteries": To give a overview about current methods and technologies in recycling, refreshing and 2nd life of old storge batteries and to issue a roughly estimation of the amounts.

2. In the part "battery diagnostics": To give a overview about the amount of battery diagnostic devices for litihium storage batteries available on the european market.

small projects 2014

The goal is the work on diverse short projects, like consultations for companies in energy efficieny, ecology, the use of renewable energy and the implementation of research projects. Furthermore to support tourist companies to get the austrian eco label, to work out waste-economy-concepts for companies, to prepare LCAs for products, to aid clients in the "klimaaktiv" declaration, ...

The small projects of 2014:

Smart Region Villach

Logo SmaRVI_Text(v1.0) - Kopie.jpg

Climate and environment protection, energy efficiency, resource management, sustainable enconomy are current topics, we have to deal with. Many strategy papers and funding programs of the european union, of Austria and Carinthia (like EU 20-20-20, energy masterplan of carinthia) show the topicality as well as goals and solution approaches. Thereby many topics matter: renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility, recycling, ecological food, regional products and services, etc.

Akku4Future - Dissemination

Logo Akku4Future

The goal of the project is to analyse the environmental impacts of traffic, to develop strategies to strengthen regional economy in the field of e-mobility and to initiate additional cross-border projects.

Akku4Future - E-Mobility Map

The goal of the project ist to find players and initiatives of e-mobility in Carinthia. Theses inquiries are illustrated by an e-mobility map.