NABKA II – KHL Training

NABKA II – KHL Training – Scientific support of the Hospital Lainz in staff training and the evaluation of the introduction of reusable systems
NABKA II - KHL Schulung
Ressourcen Management Agentur (RMA)
Unterstützt durch: 
Stadt Wien, INITIATIVE "Abfallvermeidung in Wien", MA 48 - Abfallwirtschaft

Project goal

The goal is to develop a training concept for the Lainz Hospital, based on the already available documents, together with the waste managers of the hospital, to reduce the medical waste.

Parallel to the creation of a training concept, the use of reusable systems will be evaluated.

Following results are expected:
  • Information und motivation of the staff about correct disposal of articles, packages and waste by appropriate training
  • Information about the impacts on the generated waste by using reusable products
  • Evaluation of the use of reusable systems
  • Increase of the acceptance and support of environmental projects