scd - dialog Graz - „Dialog on Stage“, part of Smart Cities Days

scd - dialog Graz - Conception and moderation of the event „Dialog on Stage“, part of Smart Cities Days - "City-laboratory 2012"
scd - dialog Graz
Ressource Management Agency (RMA)
Unterstützt durch: 
Klima und Energiefonds (climate and energy fond), handled by the FFG.

The goal of the project is the conception and moderation of the event „Dialog on Stage“ which is part of the Smart Cities Days in April 2012. This event is an acompanying activity of the funding programme „Smart Energy Demo – Fit for SET“.


The following activities were carried out by the RMA in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fond and the Technical University of Graz:

  1. Conception of the discussion forum „How we want to live?“
  2. Creation of a five minute introduction (quodations, pictures).
  3. Suggestions and briefings for the participants
  4. Moderation of the discussion forum on the 12th of april 2012 in Graz

The participants of the discussion forum:

  • Mag. Georg Markus Kainz –  Verein Quintessenz
  • Prof. DI Mag. Dr. MSc Harald Rohracher  - IFZ
  • DI Theresia Vogel -  Klima- und Energiefonds
  • Marion Gabernig -  Schülerin
  • Mag. Dr. Erwin Fiala -  Univ. Prof. am Institut für Philosophie der Universität Graz
  • Dr. Barbara Imhof, Liquifer Systems Group Wien