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Vision Step I - Realising Villach's Smart City VIsion


The goal and purpose of the project ist to develop and realize a holistic and integrated Smart City Concept in a district of Villach. In two test areas in Villach a series of co-ordinated activities are implemented. The essential part of the concept is the upgrad of the power grid into a "smart grid". Additionally the energy users should be motivated and supported in reducing and optimizing their energy consumption. New finacing and business models for decentralised power plants should encourage privat investors and citiziens to invest in local renewable energy.

This project is sponsored by the climate and energy fond (Klima- und Energiefonds) and realized as part of the program "SMART ENERGY DEMO - FIT for SET".

VIsion 2050 - Smart City Villach


Project goal

The main goal of this project is to form a consortium of stakeholders and to develop a common vision of Villach as a smart city. Central to this process will be a sequence of stakeholder workshops. The outcome of the workshops will be transferred into strategy documents, implementation plans and binding agreements between stakeholders.

City Dialog - Dialog about the "City of the Future"

City Dialog

Project goal  

The goal of the project "City Dialog" was the evaluation of future research topics for the “city of the future”. Several studies and research projects have yet investigated relevant research topics for the “city of the future”. The setting of priorities in these studies, mainly reflects a science perspective. Goal of the project was to complete and contrast the scientific perspective with the perspective of other relevant stakeholders.

Urban Future - Research questions regarding the city of the future

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Project goal

The project goal is to raise and develop research questions on the "Resource-efficient city of the future". These questions should build the foundation for the strategic orientation of future agendas of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit).

Smart Region Villach

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Climate and environment protection, energy efficiency, resource management, sustainable enconomy are current topics, we have to deal with. Many strategy papers and funding programs of the european union, of Austria and Carinthia (like EU 20-20-20, energy masterplan of carinthia) show the topicality as well as goals and solution approaches. Thereby many topics matter: renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility, recycling, ecological food, regional products and services, etc.

Smart City - State of knowledge and inquiry of research questions on the subject "City of the future"

The goal of the project is to inquiry the state of knowledge on the subject "City of the future". Furthermore an overview of the Smart City research in Austria should be given.

scd - dialog Graz - „Dialog on Stage“, part of Smart Cities Days


The goal of the project is the conception and moderation of the event „Dialog on Stage“ which is part of the Smart Cities Days in April 2012. This event is an acompanying activity of the funding programme „Smart Energy Demo – Fit for SET“.

Altervis – Self supply with renewable energy

The goal of the project ist to initiate an economic an social process in the district of Hermagor and the surounding mounainous regions of Friaul-Julisch-Venetien. This process should result in an environmentally sustainably self supply with energy on a local and/or regional level.

VIsion 2050 - Initiation

The Project goal was the coordination of the Partners of the consortium with the aim to hand in a research request by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in time. The concerned funding programme is called "Smart Energy Demo - FIT for SET" and is supported by the climate and energy fond. The content of the request is the development of a Smart City Vision 2050, a Roadmap for 2020 and an Action Plan for 2012-2015 for the city of Villach.

3E - Expert System for an energetic urban renewal **

Erneuerbare Energien

Project goal

The goal is to quantify the potential of urban areas for renewable energy production and to explore measures for the specific, useful expansion of renewable energy production in the urban spaces. The RMA supports with the know-how from the research results and the Fachschule Nordhausen by developing methods.