small projects 2015

small projects 2015
KPro 2015
diverse clients

The goal is the work on diverse short projects, like consultations for companies in energy efficieny, ecology, the use of renewable energy and the implementation of research projects. Furthermore to support tourist companies to get the austrian eco label, to work out waste-economy-concepts for companies, to prepare LCAs for products, to aid clients in the "klimaaktiv" declaration, ...

The small projects of 2015:

  • KPro 06 - music school Velden: Support for "klimaaktiv"- declaration, educational institution, renovation. Client: Municipal of Velden.
  • KPro 07 - energy consultants education: A lecture about the topic "building ecology" on 24th of february in Klagenfurt. Client: Office of the Carinthian State Government, Dep. 8.
  • KPro 08 - Knafl Regie: Informal evaluation of the ecological impact of magnesium chloride on the project FFG-840. Client: Knafl & Co GmbH.
  • KPro 09 - BFP-III Puaschitz: Support for "klimaaktiv"- declaration, residental buildung ZEIT:RAUM, new. Client: BFP-III GmbH.
  • KPro 10 - Livingcontainer: Support for ecological product development for a living container. Client: Living Container e.U.
  • KPro 11 - SimBetonstein: Support for ecological product development for a concrete block with mineral foam insulation. Client: Knafl & Co GmbH.
  • KPro 12 - Deurotherm H2O: Support for ecological product development for Deurotherm insulation systems. Client: Deurotherm Isolierungen GmbH.