small projects 2014

small projects 2014
KPro 2014
diverse clients

The goal is the work on diverse short projects, like consultations for companies in energy efficieny, ecology, the use of renewable energy and the implementation of research projects. Furthermore to support tourist companies to get the austrian eco label, to work out waste-economy-concepts for companies, to prepare LCAs for products, to aid clients in the "klimaaktiv" declaration, ...

The small projects of 2014:

  • KPro 01 - Residential buildings in Lind ob Velden: Support for "klimaaktiv"- declaration, 2 new residential buildings. Client: Meine Heimat, Gemeinnützige Bau-, Wohn- und Siedlungs-genossenschaft, registrierte Genossenschaft mit beschränkter Haftung.
  • KPro 02 - Ökoprofil Betonstein: Issue of an eco profile of a design configuration with a concrete block with mineral foam insulation and comparison with other design configurations . Client: Knafl & Co GmbH.
  • KPro 03 - Flowtite LCA-Update: LCA Update of Flowtite GRP-Pipes based on the LCA of 2010. Client: Flowtite Technology AS
  • KPro 04 - Flowtite Regie: Enhanced consultations for LCA Update. Client: Flowtite Technology AS
  • KPro 05 - Nit: unimplemented
  • KPro 06 - Music school Velden: Support for "klimaaktiv"- declaration, educational institution, renovation. Client: Municipal of Velden.