The following list shows all projects of the RMA with its title, and the project goal. Alternatively you can view here a table view.


SEBE - Sustainable and Innovative European Biogas Environment

Project goal

The goal of this study is a better coordination of an extended utilization of biogas plus a further development of technology and of a center of competence within the area of the CENTRAL EUROPE program.

Consulting Austrian Eco Label for follow-up audit Dorfhotel Schönleitn **


Project goal

The goal is the consultation to the follow-up audit for the Austrian Eco Label for tourism enterprises.

Creation of a Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA) for a product of the company Flowtite Technology AS **

Project goal

The goal is to create a life cycle assessment for a product of the company Flowtite Technology AS.

P-STRAT - Optimized strategy for managing phosphorous-containing flows

Project goal

The goal is to develop scenario-based optimizing suggestions of the material and energetic use of phosphorous-containing flows , taking into account the environmental impacts and the contribution to resource depletion.

Ecofacility 2009 Adeg Klagenfurt - Energy consulting

Project goal

The goal is the creation of a decision basis regarding energy- and cost saving measures for the ADEG Market Klagenfurt.

Nako-LSP II-Concept - Creation of a concept in building ecology


Project goal

The goal is to support the planning team in terms of suggestions for ecological improvement.

Energy course Lavanttal - Contentwise conception of the energy course **

Project goal

The goal is the organization of the contents of the energy course for the association "Lavanttaler Economy".

SOLTAP - Project development of Solar Thermal Energy


Project goal

The goal is the development and coordination of the project proposal "Optimized Solar Thermal Applications for New Markets" in the  K-COMET R&D programme (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies of the associationt to support research).

3E - Expert System for an energetic urban renewal **

Erneuerbare Energien

Project goal

The goal is to quantify the potential of urban areas for renewable energy production and to explore measures for the specific, useful expansion of renewable energy production in the urban spaces. The RMA supports with the know-how from the research results and the Fachschule Nordhausen by developing methods.

Conceptualization of a research project of the Alpe Adria Energie - AAE Naturstrom GmbH **

Project goal

The goal is to support the Alpen Adria Energie - AAE Naturstrom Vertrieb GmbH by the conceptualization of a research project.