The following list shows all projects of the RMA with its title, and the project goal. Alternatively you can view here a table view.


Alpin - ECO – Companies and Building

The goal of the project ist to initialise a transborder improvement of the quality of sustainable building and constructing - thus reinforcing the competitiveness of small and medium firms. By the sensitisation of the customers in the field of building-ecology, energy, healthfully and economically priced living the firms should be encouraged to improve their supply of sustainalbe buildings and products. This interregional and cooperative project promotes also the deregulation and liberalisation of the building sector.

scd - dialog Graz - „Dialog on Stage“, part of Smart Cities Days


The goal of the project is the conception and moderation of the event „Dialog on Stage“ which is part of the Smart Cities Days in April 2012. This event is an acompanying activity of the funding programme „Smart Energy Demo – Fit for SET“.

NAKRA-MB – Analysis of material flows as basis for sustainable optimization of the input of ressources in the health care system - sustainable hospital

The goal of the project is to check the situation of the refuse-management in the hospital of Mistelbach-Gänserndorf by an input-output-analysis. Thus the refuse-management should be optimized by specific measures.

ReMa-AT - Operationalisation of the results of the Cu-household of Austria as a contribution to a copper resource management in Austria

The goal of the project is to operationalize the actions, developed in the Cu-household of Austria, thus increasing the resource efficiency in Austria. For the chosen actions a Roadmap and a Masterplan are created. Both show the possibilities of the implementation of the resource efficiency of the cooper-household. Furthermore the impact of the actions on some areas (resource index, CO2-Emission, Jobs, Green Jobs, regional value added) are estimated and evaluated.

Support for the Velox Werk GmbH for a FFG founding application **

Project goal

The goal is to support the Velox Werk GmbH by the implementation of a founding application by the  "Österreichischen Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft FFG" for a product of the Velox Werk GmbH.

ADOSA – The occurance of insulating material in the housing construction of Upper Austria

The goal of the project ist to determine the amount, the composition and the renaturation capability of insulating material used in the housing construction of Upper Austria. Thus the amount of waste of insulating material can be estimated for now and the future.

Hg CH III - Mercury in Switzerland

The goal of the project is the publication of the report "consumption, stock and destination of mercury in Switzerland - estimation of consequences of regulation". The results form the basis for the essential reporting of Switzerland in the context of the Hg-convetion.


Altervis – Self supply with renewable energy

The goal of the project ist to initiate an economic an social process in the district of Hermagor and the surounding mounainous regions of Friaul-Julisch-Venetien. This process should result in an environmentally sustainably self supply with energy on a local and/or regional level.

Resource management concept for the location of the company Velox GmbH **

Project goal

The goal the detection and evaluation of arising resources at the location of the company Velox Werk GmbH and the creation of a concept.

EAB 2011 - Energy Performance Certification 2011

Project goal

RMA generated Energy Performance Certifiates for new buildings and building retrofits.


21 Energy Performance Certifiates for one family houses and 5 Energy Performance Certifiates for residential and non-residential buildings were made.