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Little Foot Villach 01 - the ecological footprint of pupils


The goal of the project is to teach pupils of the 6th form in Villach the ecological footprint, thus preparing for future challenges like energy efficiency, resource management, biodiversity, climate and environemt protection, etc. The children should be encouraged to a suistainable consumption and a gentle handling with nature. Furthermore the project should stimulate the pupils to communicate their knowledge and ideas to their surroundings.


wohngesund (NABAU II)

Cover Fibel Nabau 2012

Project goal

The goal is the revision of the "naubau Fibel" published in 2006. The Fibel from 2006 has been updated and new parts, like the "klima:aktiv Gebäudestandard" have been added. In addition an extensive picture research has been carried out. Many pictures of best practice projects have been provided by Carinthian building experts. The Layout has been made by "Prosign Klaus Hadler".