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Training & Information

Sustainability and ressource efficieny are important, forward-looking issues, which provide oranisations and people longterm perspectives for successfully shaping their future. Training and information enable people and organisations to act efficiently and sustainable.
The RMA holds training workshops, develops mission statements and action plans and creates information materials in all fields of their expertise.

 Key areas

City & Region

RMA Stadtentwicklung

Urban and regional agglomerations are becoming increasingly complex and require specific technological, organisational and spatial solutions concerning material and energy flows.

The RMA develops and implements urban and regional development concepts based on holistic systems analysis.

 Key areas

  • Urban Future
  • Smart City
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Energy- & Resource Management
  • Material-, Substance- & Energy Balance


Products & Companies


Sustainable business practices can help to reduce environmental impacts, reduce costs and raise product quality.

The RMA advises and supports companies to make their products, services and business activities more sustainable. Life cycle thinking plays a central role in this process.

 Key areas

Consumption & Nutrition

RMA Ernährung

Energy & Climate

Erneuerbare Energien

Climate change and its unpredictable ecological, economic and social consequences are considered as one of the key issues in the current debate on sustainability. Current forms of energy production and consumption play a key role in this context.

Housing & Construction


Housing and construction are associated with the most intensive resourse consumption processes in our economy. The choice of construction materials also directly influences health and quality of life of the inhabitants.

The RMA supervises sustainable construction processes along the whole lifecycle, helping to find the most appropriate technical option with regard to ecological, economical and social aspects.

Key areas

Resources & Waste


Current practices of resource and waste management lead to increasing challenges for companies, cities and regions.

The RMA develops and implements sustainable ressource- and waste management concepts on corporate and regional level.

 Key areas

  • Energy- & Resource Management
  • Material-, Substance- & Energy Balance
  • Waste Management Concepts