ReGe Strat - Resource efficient municipality

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Developing a strategy to position the topic of "resources" in the Austrian municipalities and initiation of follow-up implementation
ReGe Strat
2017 - 2020
Ressourcen Forum Austria
Resource Management Agency (RMA)
Austrian Municipality Union
Unterstützt durch: 
Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (former BMLFUW)
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - LE 14-20

The project aims at providing information and awareness among the Austrian municipalities regarding the issue of "resources" in three focal areas (sustainable procurement, inter-communal cooperation, sustainable land use). The project lays the basis of a strategy towards a stronger, long-term focus on this issue in the municipalities. The project thus contributes to the implementation of the ACP Resource Efficiency Plan (REAP), the NAP Action Plan (Sustainable Procurement) and the EU Circular Economy Package.The project aims at motivating at least further 10% of Austrian municipalities towards increasing their resource efficiency in practice in the three thematic areas. An intensive dialogue with the municipalities serves as a guide to where and how assistance should be provided. Best practice is collected in a "catalogue of measures" and a "picture book of possibilities" (both at, with new entries being recorded on an ongoing basis. Through workshops, success stories are presented, and related topics discussed, fostering networking and exchanging information among the municipalities. In selected municipalities, pilot activities are initiated and accompanied in their implementation.The findings feed into a strategy addressing the issue of resource efficiency in the municipalities throughout Austria. The intro workshops were held in Kuchl (Slzbg), Graz (Stmk and Bgld), Innsbruck (Tyrol and Vlbg), Linz (Upper Austria) and St. Pölten (Lower Austria) in early 2018. Several months later, the networking workshops in Hirm (Bgld), Hartl at Hartberg (Styria) and Linz (Upper Austria) were implemented as well. Pilot activities were accompanied in the KEM regions Ebreichsdorf, Wagram and the Ecoregion Kaindorf. The strategy was drafted and is currently being summarised in a brochure (May 2019).