Energie & Klimaschutz

Sustainability coordination Lakeside Science Park (LSP)


Project goal

The goal is to perform sustainability coordination for the construction of the Lakeside Sience & Technology Park. This includes the coordination of sustainability and eco-efficiency measures for (i) planning and conception, (ii) ecological construction site and (iii) Eco-efficient cleaning and management.

LIFE-Environment – Technical support for monitoring of LIVE actions (environment) in Austria

Project goal

The goal is to support the current LIFE projects in Austria (Environment) commissioned by the European Commission.

"klima:aktiv" Regional Partner


RMA regional partner in Carinthia. Partner for energy efficiency, building ecology and economy. 

klima:aktiv bauen 2010

klima aktiv bauen.jpg

Project goal

The goal is to provide information and consulting services for the province of Carinthia in the field of comprehensive thermal-energy-renovation of large residential buildings.

SOLTAP - Project development of Solar Thermal Energy


Project goal

The goal is the development and coordination of the project proposal "Optimized Solar Thermal Applications for New Markets" in the  K-COMET R&D programme (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies of the associationt to support research).

FCKW UBA-09 - disposal of (H) CFC-containing insulation materials


Project goal

The goal of the project is an analysis of the current situation of  the disposal of (H) CFC-containing insulation materials in Germany. Based on this analysis an information brochure "Ozone-depleting substances in insulation materials and the reduction of emissions by correct disposal" will be developed.


NA-AMOR - Implementation of the measures developed in the projects NABKA, AMOR and NAKRA to optimize waste management

Project goal

The goal is to support the personell of the Hospital Hietzing (KHR) in the implementation of the measures developed in the projects  NABKA, AMOR and  NAKRA. The focus is on optimization of the waste material collection and the sensitive use of selected waste related articles.

Energy & Climate

Erneuerbare Energien

Climate change and its unpredictable ecological, economic and social consequences are considered as one of the key issues in the current debate on sustainability. Current forms of energy production and consumption play a key role in this context.

Urban Mining Folder - Concept and a preparation of a folder on the issue of „Urban Mining“


Project goal

The project provides a profound 16-page information folder on the issue of „Urban Mining“, in order to promote the subject of „Urban Mining“ – first to be promoted in Austrian Schools and showmines.


Energy Performance Certification 2006/2007

Project goal

We optimize buildings (new buildings as well as renovation projects) regarding heating and building technology. In times of rising energy prices saving energy has become an increasingly important topic in the housing situation. Thus, the Energy Performance Certification, which provides information about all the relevant thermical properties of a building, is indispensable. This certification is the technical certificate of a building and the basis for all subsidies concerning new buildings and renovation projects. The Energy Performance Certification results from the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).